Jim’s music career started at school with a few friends setting up their own band. This led onto other amateur ventures which eventually led into a semi-professional career in a duo called ‘Morgan James Sound’ in the mid 70’s, performing 50’s/60’s and chart tunes of the day. In 1978 he went solo and the following year he turned professional adding self-penned songs to his repertoire. During this period he won several awards for both singing and song writing. He continued with his solo career and at various times also played with other bands. He did some session work, and also did duo work. During this time his work included local pubs, clubs, theatres, holiday centres.

In 1995 he entered the country music circuit as Walton James. In 1996 he was asked to join one of the top international country bands ‘Fever’ as lead singer/guitarist. Fever had been one of the first Country bands from England to be asked to do a tour in the U.S.A, and signed a contract with a record company there to record an original album, a major coup for a British country band! One of Jim’s first performances with the band was at a festival in Interlaken Switzerland in front of 15,000 people. This was a great turning point in Jim’s life this is where he wanted to be! His career with the band took him all over the UK, including Scotland and Wales and cruise ships to Europe. The band took part in many top festivals, often headlining the event; these included the Americana with top American acts. Due to personal reasons he reluctantly left the band under amicable circumstances and remains good friends with them. As a solo act Jim has worked alongside many top acts in the country and been a support act for Mary Duff, Sarah Jory


Since leaving the band in October '97 he has made a big impact on the circuit throughout the country. With his likeable personality and professional stage act, he has developed a style of his own which is in big demand.

Jim is an accomplished lead guitarist and over the last couple of years has developed the mandolin as a major part of his act too.


Jim’s performances cater for all areas of country music, traditional to modern, and whether you line dance , partner, or freestyle dance, or just want to listen in a theatre or concert, he will meet your requirements, keeping right up-to-date with the latest line dances. He also does acoustic nights, just Jim singing with an acoustic guitar. When he does use backing tracks, these are mainly produced by Jim himself playing bass guitar, keyboards, acoustic, slide and electric guitar mandolin with drum tracks and harmony vocals. What is important to Jim as a solo is to play as much ‘live’ as possible; guitar, mandolin, vocals, as it happens…. no karaoke here!


He also put together a country band called ‘Boney Fingers’ to keep in touch with performing with other musicians. which is very popular too and great fun.


He has always been known for his vocal talent and whether it’s a sentimental ballad or a gritty country song, Jim delivers it with all the passion you would expect of a man who loves to perform. His lead guitar and mandolin playing have over the years played a big part in his act too, and frequently gets asked to perform instrumental numbers. his style he has developed over nearly 40 years in the music industry. Major likes and influences are Hank Williams and the Eagles; and everything in between! and all are featured in his act.


As mentioned, Jim is an accomplished songwriter . He has also written songs with his daughter, Amberley. and lyricist Barry Lowe Jim is currently writing new songs for a totally original album.


In 2003 he went to Texas, mainly as a holiday, but he was proud to perform in front of a US audience in Wichita Falls. He has also very much enjoyed performing regularly in Spain and Portugal. Jim still tours the whole of the UK and still loves it after all these years. He'd be pleased to see you at his next gig.